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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Recording Video Using Borland Delphi 7+Dspack

Beside to capture picture, the DSPack component also can be used to record or capture video. Besides, the DSPack component still have a lot of function, such as to detect a movement (motion detect), to recognize face (face recognition), to detect the edge of picture (edge detection) etc.
To make video recorder using DSPack, enter the component below:

No. Component  Pallete Component Name Property Value
1 Ds Pack Filter1 FilterGraph FilterGraph1
VideoWindow1 FilterGraph FilterGraph1
FilterGraph1 Mode gmCapture
Standard Button1 Caption
Choose Folder
Name Buttonsavefolder1
Standard Button2 Caption Start Save Video
Name Buttonsave1
Standard Button3 Caption Close
Name ButtonClose
Win32 StatusBar1 Check the note under the table

Double click the component and then will appear,

Then Click the object inspector and type Video1 on Text Property

Manage the image detail become as follows:

Picture1. Image Program Design.

Before type the source code, please declare this following global variable

After that enter the source code program as follows:

No Component Name Event Source Code
Form1 OnCreate var
i : integer;
CapEnum:= TSysDevEnum.Create(CLSID_VideoInputDeviceCategory);
for i := 0 to CapEnum.CountFilters - 1 do
ComboBox1 OnChange   FilterGraph1.ClearGraph;
FilterGraph1.Active := false;
Filter1.BaseFilter.Moniker := CapEnum.GetMoniker(combobox1.ItemIndex);
FilterGraph1.Active := true;
with FilterGraph1 as ICaptureGraphBuilder2 do
Renderstream(@PIN_CATEGORY_PREVIEW, nil, Filter1 as IBaseFilter,nil, VideoWindow1 as IbaseFilter);
Buttonsavefolder1 OnClick if savedialog1.Execute = true then
Buttonsave1 OnClick var multiplexer: IBaseFilter;
Writer: IFileSinkFilter;
savefile1:=savedialog1.FileName   ;
 if FilterGraph1.Active then FilterGraph1.Active:=false;
//active filter graph
  // now render streams
with FilterGraph1 as IcaptureGraphBuilder2 do

    // set the output filename
SetOutputFileName(MEDIASUBTYPE_avi, PWideChar(saveFile1), multiplexer, Writer);
// Connect Video preview (VideoWindow)
if Filter1.BaseFilter.DataLength > 0 then
RenderStream(@PIN_CATEGORY_PREVIEW, nil, Filter1 as IBaseFilter,
nil , VideoWindow1 as IBaseFilter);
// Connect Video capture streams
if Filter1.FilterGraph <> nil then
RenderStream(@PIN_CATEGORY_CAPTURE, nil, Filter1 as IBaseFilter,
nil, multiplexer as IBaseFilter);
//show folder penyimpanan file
StatusBar1.Panels.Items[0].Text:= saveFile1;
ButtonClose OnClick application.Terminate;

The Result Of The Program Execution is as follows:
 Picture2. Result of Application  Execution

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