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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Custom Message Dialog Dephi

Change the default display message dialog with a custom font name, styles and color, background color and the button text and button cursor. Able to display the Message Dialog in english or another language.
Function declaration:MyMsgDlg function (const Message: string; TipeDlg: TMsgDlgType; Buttons: TMsgDlgButtons;
Captions: array of string; Title: String; mFont: TFont; buttonKursor: TCursor;
BGCOLOR: TColor): Integer;var
xMsgDlg: TForm;
i: Integer;
dlgButton: TButton;
CaptionIndex: Integer;begin
xMsgDlg: = CreateMessageDialog (Message, TipeDlg, Buttons);
if BGCOLOR <> -1 then xMsgDlg.Color: = bgcolor;
captionIndex: = 0;
xMsgDlg.Caption: = Title;
if mFont <> nil then xMsgDlg.Font: = mFont
else xMsgDlg.Font.Handle: = 0;
for i: = 0 to xMsgDlg.ComponentCount - 1 do
if (xMsgDlg.Components [i] is TButton) then
dlgButton: = TButton (xMsgDlg.Components [i]);
dlgButton.Cursor: = buttonKursor;
if CaptionIndex> High (Captions) then Break;
dlgButton.Caption: = Captions [CaptionIndex];
Inc. (CaptionIndex);
Result: = xMsgDlg.ShowModal;end;
Example of implementation:var
/ / Custom Fonts
myDlgFont: TFont;TForm1.FormCreate procedure (Sender: TObject);begin
{Font for MyMsgDlg be public, so no need to
again when calling a function declared MyMsgDlg ..
Unless you want it different font style}
myDlgFont: = TFont.Create;
with myDlgFont do
Name: = 'Comic Sans MS';
Size: = 8;
Color: = clMaroon;
{If you want to bold + italic font style
style: = [fsBold, fsItalic];}
TForm1.FormDestroy procedure (Sender: TObject);begin
/ / Free Custom Fonts
procedure TForm1.Button1Click (Sender: TObject);var
rDlg: Integer;begin
rDlg: = MyMsgDlg ('Proceed to Next Process?', mtConfirmation,
[MbYes, mbNo, mbCancel], ['Yes', 'No', 'Cancel'], 'Confirmation',
myDlgFont, crHandPoint, $ 00F0F0F0);
rDlg case of
/ / If the user clicks on Yes
ID_YES: ShowMessage ('You Clicking YES');
/ / If the user clicks No
ID_NO: ShowMessage ('You Clicking NO');
/ / If the user clicks Cancel
ID_CANCEL: ShowMessage ('You Clicking CANCEL');
/ / To display the Standardprocedure TForm1.Button2Click (Sender: TObject);begin
MyMsgDlg ('Proceed to Next Process?', MtConfirmation,
[MbYes, mbNo, mbCancel], ['Yes', 'No', 'Cancel'], 'Confirmation',
nil, crDefault, -1);end;

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