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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Accessing Multi Channel ADC/ Multi Data Sensor / /Multi channel Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) Using Comport Component in Borland Delphi 7.

Maybe some beginners in programming using Delphi find difficulties in accessing multi serial data  to be appeared in PC (to visualize multi data series with Delphi). In fact, Comfort component in Delphi able to manage those things in good ways. In this writing, I visualize 4 data series in PC using Delphi by exploiting the Comport component.
Theoretically, can be explained that data series that enter in the computer is data compilation from 4 sensor that is used (can be temperature sensor etc. However, can be replaced by using potencies meter), for that sensor/potencies series please check in to looking for and giving explanation, because that data can be got from many ways, do not must from microcontroller by ADC. Then, data is sent serially to PC through series, whether it is com1, com2, com3, etc. We can use another computer as data delivery series that have Format as that compile serial data

As explanation, format input data is the first data is Data A, for example, the value is 120, second is data B with value 20, third is data C with value 60 and the fourth is data D with value 1200, (remember this is just an example) so later on the data will be sent in compiled format  in the form of data sensor plus marker letter, so that if the real compile data is 12020601200 (compilation of data A,B,C, and D). So the new data if we add letter will be 120A20B60C1200D (look clearly that data A and B is separated by using letter A, data B with letter C is separated with letter B, and etc.)
Another example, can be used identical data, for example data A= data B= data C= data D with each value is 40. So that data compilation is 40404040, but have to be changed into 40A40B40C40D, REMEMBER LETTER A, B, C, D as barrier among the data. This data will be tinkered by Delphi to get the real data value from that each sensor.
Logically: Data 40A40B40C40D will be sent by Delphi through Comport. Next, Delphi will classify the data in tested program below. I visualize the picture of the application below.

figure. Multi Data Sensor / Multi Data Serial / Multi Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) Accessing Using Comport Component in Borland Delphi 7. : Muti data serial from multi Analog to digital converter accessing delphi aplication

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