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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

The Basic Concept Of Dialog Killer Delphi

Dialog Killer is an application that able to close a dialog box automatically. Usually, it is used to close the dialog box which is appeared by a certain program which is related to false message, warning, etc. This simple application can be used for us who do not like to work twice or have to work over and over again in the same task. This (to work twice), maybe it is not a problem when we have to do it 1x, 2x, 3x, until 20x. But, how if we have to do it 100x, 1000x, or more? Dialog Killer is the solution, for example dialog box as follows:

Picture 1.The Basic Concept Of Dialog Killer Delphi : Dialog box “Message Arrive”

When a dialog box above keep occurs, it will be annoying and disturbing if we have to close it by press OK button that is available. If the dialog box just occurs 1x, it is not a big problem. But, if the dialog box occurs a thousand times, do we have to close it? Of course not, right?
That’s why it is needed to make a simple application to close the dialog box. The name of the application is “Dialog Killer”


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