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Sunday, 11 September 2011

How To Accessing Multi Webcamera (Multi Webcamera Accessing) In Delphi Using DsPack

The DsPack component can be used to access multi web camera (Multi Web camera accessing). In this example, the camera accessing program is conducted toward 3 different brand of camera, in order that there is no conflict or mistake occur in the program reading so that the result of webcam visualization which is appeared is not appropriate with the expectation because of mistaken in choosing the camera variety because same name factor.
P.S.: because of limited camera, we just use 1 camera but basically Multi Webcam Access program (Multi Webcam Accessing) in Borland Delphi 7 using DsPack has been tested and has good result.
Enter the component as follows:

Component Name Property Value
1 GroupBox1 Caption Camera
2 GroupBox2 Caption Camera
3 GroupBox3 Caption Camera
4 ComboBox1 Text -
5 ComboBox2 Text -
6 ComboBox3 Text -
7 Filtergraph1 Mode gmCapture
8 Filtergraph2 Mode gmCapture
9 Filtergraph3 Mode gmCapture
10 Filter 1 Filtergraph Filtergraph1
11 Filter 2 Filtergraph Filtergraph2
12 Filter 3 Filtergraph Filtergraph3
13 VideoWindow1 Filtergraph Filtergraph1
14 VideoWindow2 Filtergraph Filtergraph2
15 VideoWindow3 Filtergraph Filtergraph3

The image of the design program is as follows:

Picture1: Visualization program design Multi Webcam Accessing (Multi Webcam Accessing) in Borland Delphi 7 using DsPack

Before type the source code, declare this following global variable

Next, please type the source code:

No Component Name Event Source Code
1 Form1 OnCreate var

i : integer;


CapEnum:= TSysDevEnum.Create(CLSID_VideoInputDeviceCategory);

for i := 0 to CapEnum.CountFilters - 1 do





2 Form1 OnCloseQuery capenum.Free;



FilterGraph1.Active := false;






3 ComboBox1 OnChange   FilterGraph1.ClearGraph;

FilterGraph1.Active := false;

Filter1.BaseFilter.Moniker := CapEnum.GetMoniker(combobox1.ItemIndex);

FilterGraph1.Active := true;

with FilterGraph1 as ICaptureGraphBuilder2 do

Renderstream(@PIN_CATEGORY_PREVIEW, nil, Filter1 as IBaseFilter,nil, VideoWindow1 as IbaseFilter);

4 ComboBox2 OnChange   FilterGraph2.ClearGraph;

FilterGraph2.Active := false;

Filter2.BaseFilter.Moniker := CapEnum.GetMoniker(combobox2.ItemIndex);

FilterGraph2.Active := true;

with FilterGraph2 as ICaptureGraphBuilder2 do

Renderstream(@PIN_CATEGORY_PREVIEW, nil, Filter2 as IBaseFilter,nil, VideoWindow2 as IbaseFilter);

5 ComboBox3 OnChange FilterGraph3.ClearGraph;

FilterGraph3.Active := false;

Filter3.BaseFilter.Moniker := CapEnum.GetMoniker(combobox3.ItemIndex);

FilterGraph3.Active := true;

with FilterGraph3 as ICaptureGraphBuilder2 do

Renderstream(@PIN_CATEGORY_PREVIEW, nil, Filter3 as IBaseFilter,nil, VideoWindow3 as IbaseFilter);


This Application is limited in webcam presenter,
next can be developed into picture capturer (photo/picture capturer), also video recorder (video capture)

Here is the result using 1 webcamera.

Here is the result using 3 webcamera.

The picture above, is created by Mr.Dayat Kurniawan ( )

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