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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Making Video Rotation with Delphi Using Video Grabber Component

Making  Video Rotation with Delphi Using Video Grabber Component 
            If you ever record video using digital camera, handy cam, or camera with low resolution in mobile phone J, but the recording result is at an angle 90, of course it will uncomfortable to watch it. It is uncomfortable because you have to tilt your head to balance the video declivity. My question maybe sound silly, but the fact is like that right? Of course you will more enjoy watching video that fit with the monitor, right? If so, maybe the video rotation application using Delphi making use of video grabber component will very helpful to solve the problem.

The application that will be made can rotate video visualization suitable with your expectation, for example rotate in 90°,180° ,270° or suitable with the corner in your expectation that you can type the value so that the declivity is suitable with your expectation.,

The video grabber component that is used in this application is shareware version so that it could not work properly (maximal), in limited random time, application will stopped working, besides that application will appear overlay text nagscreen the address of the website is

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