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Thursday, 20 October 2011

A Brief Explanation of Delphi 7.0

delphi 7 short explanation

Often called delphi, Borland Delphi is a software used to create application based on interface graphic in Microsoft Windows Operating System. Delphi is created by Borland Software Corporation. It has been existed since 1993. The version I use in creating the application in this book is Delphi 7.0

IDE Delphi 7
Integrated Development Environment is a work station used to create application started from designing interface or display, writing source code program (coding), running program (running), debugging, compiling (compile), and spreading application used. IDE Delphi display is pictured as follows:
Picture. IDE Delphi 7
Menu Bar and Tool Bar
Menu bar is an area to pull down menu command. It is a menu consisted of the menu command list. At the left side of command is an icon picturing the function.
Tool bar is a unit of button which can be used conducting a command. The function of tool bar is similar with menu bar, but it is faster to access in running certain command.

Component Palette
Component palette is an area of Delphi component unit. Delphi component is categorized into two: visual component and non-visual component. Visual component is a component existed in the process of designing application or application run, as an example: button component from component palette standard. Non-visual component is a component existed in the process of designing application, but it is not existed while the application is run, as an example: timer component from component palette system.

Form Designer
Form designer, commonly called as a form, is an area of putting components taken from component palette while designing interface application display. Commonly, when you start running Delphi, it will appear form automatically. It can be viewed as follows:

Code Editor
Code editor is an area to write source code application which will be created. In accordance with default, code editor generates some lines which are created by Delphi automatically.

Object Inspector
The function of object inspector is to change property component, chosen in a form. There are two main parts of object inspector: properties and event. There are two columns in each part. At the left column at tab properties are column names and properties, and at the right column is grades filled by event. Commonly, event relates to condition in which source code must run, for example: Form Create, meaning that source code is run while form is created.

Object Tree View
Object tree view has function to display the component list used while creating application. The components are displayed by the tree structure

Component Delphi
Some components which is often used when creating application from component palette

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