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Friday, 28 October 2011

Serial Data Sender on Microcontroller by Using Bascom Code on Microcontroller AT-MEGA 16 (in order to create an serial communication to delphi)

Before program writing that will be downloaded to microcontroller, it needs two additional software: Bascom AVR and Extreme Burner, both demo versions of each software have been included into CD bundle. Bascom AVR has function as software writer to write source code microcontroller programming and compiling process. While extreme burner has a function as source code downloader that has been written by Bascom AVR, then compiling.
Basically, serial communication on AT MEGA 16 with Bascom AVR is easy and simple. It is only conducted by determining baudrate grade used in serial communication. It can be conducted through two ways:
1.      Setting on compiler,   option àcompiler à communication
bascom Baudrate Setting and Frequency
 Picture. Baudrate Setting and Frequency

Afterwards, input baudrate grade and appropriate frequency

Picture. Baudrate Setting and Frequency
2.      Determining manually assembler directive on program created, for example:
$ Crystal= 16000000
$ Baud= 9600
The second way is the way which is used as material for serial data sending practice on AVR-AT MEGA 16

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