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Friday, 28 October 2011

Using Hyperterminal for Serial Communication Delphi

this is the test of Serial Data Sender on Microcontroller by Using Bascom Code on Microcontroller AT-MEGA 16 (posted before this article)
 The program can be interfaced with PC by using HyperTerminal. To open Hyper Terminal can be done as follows:
1.      Start à Program à Accessories à Communications à Hyper Terminal
Picture. Starting Hyper Terminal
2.      Putting name on connection description, the name can be filled by everything, for example “serial comm”
Picture. Putting Connection Name of Hyper Terminal
3.      Press button OK, then it will appear connect to arrangement. On menu connect using, choose COM 1 like the picture below:
Picture. Choosing Port Com
4.      After that, press button OK like the picture below
Picture. Choosing COM 1
5.      Set Baudrate (bits per second), data bits, etc. It can be seen through the picture below
Picture. Setting Rate Baud Property
6.      Press Button OK, so that Hyper Terminal is ready to receive data. Afterwards, connect port serial (DB9) to PC with serial communication pin on microcontroller. Here is the result of program testing on microcontroller used.
Picture. Serial Communication Testing with Hyper Terminal

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