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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Graphics32 : Classes, components and controls designed for high-performance graphics programming, specialized for 32-bit pixel format, provides fast operations with pixels.

  • Fast per-pixel access up to 100 times faster compared to standard TCanvas/TBitmap
  • Bitmap alpha blending (including per-pixel alpha blending)
  • Pixel, line and polygon antialiasing (combined with alpha blending)
  • Locking the bitmap for safe multi threading
  • Enhanced scaling of bitmaps
  • Affine transformations of bitmaps: rotations, scaling, etc with sub-pixel accuracy
  • Arbitrary projective transformations of bitmaps
  • Flicker-free image displaying components with optimized double buffering
  • Multiple customizible easy-to-use overlay layers
  • A property editor for RGB and alpha channel loading
  • Design-time loading of image formats supported by standard TPicture
Except for extended features, Graphics32 has some important differences from standard components. It does not heavily rely on Windows GDI, most of the functions are reimplemented and optimized specifically for 32-bit pixel format.
Author : Alex A. Denisov

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