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Thursday, 1 January 2015

Checking on credit/balance using USSD Delphi + modem wavecom and Twavecom components.

Checking on credit/balance using USSD Delphi + modem wavecom and Twavecom components. USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. USSD is a protocol used to communicate from cell phone/ handset user to content provider (or vice versa). It is only provided in telecommunication mobile services of GSM-based and commonly used to request (request/pull) information from operator, particular service subscribing (service provisioning) or even received information from content provider (push). IMHO, USSD is one feature of mobile telecom mostly used besides phone (voice call) and sms (text based message). OK, that’s some description about what USSD is. Sit back and relax, I will give you another example of USSD request.
USSD code access or USSD message in cell phone is digit number initialized by sign  *  and ended by sign  #  . Each parameter is limited by sign  *. USSD message examples usually sent to content provider:
Responds received by user in form of:
·         unreplied information or notification, like information on billing
·         information or options of menu replied by users
If users has received respond that need to reply and they do not reply it for a while then the content provider will close the dialogue session. At first, USSD was designed to make interaction between customers’ cellphone and content provider in using supplementary service easier. Supplementary service is an additional service such as call waiting, call barring and so on. To activate, delete or set those services, customers only just press code access button in cellphone and sent it by press the call button. Usually a cellphone has its own menu for supplementary service setting so we do not need to memorize each code access. Behind the screen, when we accessed that menu, the cellphone will sent USSD message to content provider. Next we will make an checking credit application using USSD with delphi + modem wavecom by using Twavecom components … 

By using Delphi + modem wavecom and Twavecom components you will be received sms in very easy way and it will be parted / sorted well at once… so you will not find any difficulty to get data on sms time, senders’ number, sms operator, sms content etc…  


Fitur :
  • send sms
  • send ussd
  • automatic detect sms in
  • even onreceivesms
  • even onreceiveussd

detail pricing
  • Price  Rp. 1.500.000,-
  • Price 200$ paypal
VCL + source code
  • Price  Rp. 2.500.000,-
  • Price 300$ paypal
Note :
  • license universal unlimited
  • native vcl

Demo Component (work well when IDE Delphi opened) download
DEMO Aplicattion DOWNLAD

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