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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Death Pixel Check Easier Using Delphi

Death Pixel Easier Check is a simple application for checking the death pixel in Laptop /Notebook/Net book Monitor. This application has function for seller and buyer who want to buy new or secondhand laptop. This application can be used to help checking the Death Pixel in the LCD monitor. Usually, the shop that sell new laptop give tolerance, maximal there are 5 death pixel in LCD monitor. So it can be said that the monitor is in a good enough condition. The positive side for buyer if there is Death Pixel Checker can give ease so they do not buy monitor that has plenty death pixel. 
The real procedure of the application that will be made by appearing same color in the monitor in the form of color those make it easier for checking. For example, there are 10 death pixels in monitor, if desktop background which is appeared in a monitor is in white color, so the death pixel is hard to be recognized by eyes. However, if we exploit Death Pixel Easier Checker application, hopefully can make the observation easier because later on, the application will appear same color in a monitor page. 
When the black color is clicked so the monitor will be full of black colo.

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