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Wednesday, 21 September 2011



Gateway term could be mean as gate. However in computer world, gateway could be mean as a bridge to connect one system to other systems so that there could be data exchange among the systems. So, SMS gateway could be mean as connector for SMS data traffic.

In the beginning, SMS gateway is needed as a bridge among SMSC. This happen because SMSC that is built by different company has its own communication protocol and the protocol is personal. This SMS gateway, then, placed between both of the SMSC that have different protocol, which will translate the data from one SMSC protocol to others.

The picture below pointed out the SMS gateway illustration:

Yet in technology development in computer and communication, SMS gateway is not used anymore as the picture above. Nowadays, people give meaning to SMS gateway as a communication bridge that connect one communication devices (in this case mobile phone) with computer devices. The picture below pointed out the illustration of SMS gateway application:

SMS gateway then is more intend at a program that communicates computer operation system with communication devices that is discharged for sending or receiving SMS.

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